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Notes and Updates

Okay, I know I've been gone a long time baby, but you know I still love you, and think about you every day. Honey, I'll come back to you, just as soon as I get my life back on track, then we can be a Comic again! No, seriously. Sorry, I haven't been able to concentrate on the comic much in the last few months, but I'll try again at some point. Meanwhile, enjoy this doodle of the Kangaroo Avenger, and check out my devart gallery. Also, apparently bolt.com no longer gives e-mail services, so if you've sent me an email in the past... uh... six months, try sending it to rabifunk@gmail.com instead. Let go fighting yeah! - H 02/06/05

A lot has happened, and not a lot of it good. However, I might finally actually get a tablet again in about a week or two, so updates should return shortly, and more or less stay. Thank god I finally modified the plot of UA so that it didn't have to change whenever my life changed... there'd be no way to keep this comic going otherwise... XD;; -H 08/08/04

Okay, Mild stupidity here. I forgot to move my Websites folder off of the backup drive when I moved, so the original website files are all about a half a country away. Had to grab the code for this one from the site, so if it looks a little funny, I'm sorry. Anyway, my tablet broke and so I haven't gotten a replacement yet, let's hope I can get a new one before august! -H 06/08/04

EXTENDED LEAVE. Will return ASAP. I tried to stay away from the requests and games, I did! -H 03/30/04

Here's another comic, I'm uncertain if I'll actually have the first strip of the new comic up on Sunday, crap in my life has come up, as it often tends to, and I haven't started working on it yet, but I'll probably pull through. I have 3 days to do it, no sweat... She's a pseudo-bunny, and I am not a furry by any means, though I used to draw sonic fancharacters a lot in my early art days. The rabbit is sort of Hira's symbolic animal, so this won't be the last time you see her acquire rabbit attributes. - H 03/25/04

So ambs and I have been working on a new layout, though I don't know if I like it as it is, maybe I should make a few pictures to incorporate into it...anyway, for more BOTHER! go here. I'm sorry, I'd wanted to start introductions here, but a few things came up, so this little tidbit will carry on for probably a few weeks and then I'll start introductions. Also, this weekend I may or may not be on vacation,but if I'm lucky I'll still be able to start the other comic. Anyway, hope you enjoy today's strip! It isn't really supposed to have any obvious joke, it's just a shorter version of a page for the sake of the saga. Yes, Hira/Underoo Avenger can morph into various different things, as long as it can wear undies on its head. On that note... It's NAKED TIME! - H 3/23/04


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